We Love Our Tiger Family
Amanda Plavich (Testimonial)

"Hammond Creek may be in its first year of existence, but it already feels like a family. The students and staff have faced unique challenges head on and I've been so impressed with the general perseverance displayed by everyone. There's nothing better than being a Hammond Creek Tiger!"

-Amanda Plavich
6th grade ELA 

Jordan Ryan Testimonial

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"It's difficult to narrow down my favorite thing about HCMS, as I work with great colleagues and awesome students. That said, the one aspect that is most unique, is the cultural diversity exhibited in our school. We are all exposed to many walks of life from multiple cultural backgrounds. I love having the opportunity to learn about my students and celebrate the things that are important to them. "

-Jordan Ryan
Athletic Director
7th grade Social Studies

Jessia Ochoa (testimonial)

"I love how everyone is family, Doesn't matter what position you work, everyone is equal.  Every day I come to working knowing that I matter.  I know every day I am giving a nutritious meal that most of the students would never get at home and may be the only meal they get all day. Therefore I love what I do!"

-Jessica Ochoa
Cafeteria Manager

Ashley McMath (Testimonial)

"What I love most about working at HCMS is my 7th graders and my team. Our students have created such a strong little community amongst themselves, and I get excited when I see how much they care about each other. They're very social creatures at this age and they've created such strong bonds with each other. It's wonderful to see and experience. 

The team of teachers I work with are the same way. There is a strong sense of community on our hall. Whether it's making each other laugh or supporting each other when we need to vent on tough days, everyone is always here for each other."

-Ashley McMath
7th grade Science

Sarah Holloway (Testimonial)

"I love coming to school every day and seeing my kids.  It is the greatest privilege to be able to work with such good kids and hopefully make as big an impact on them as they make on me.  The kids really make HCMS the greatest school to work at."

-Sarah Holloway
6th grade Social Studies

Cindy Meza Testimonial


" I absolutely love working at Hammond Creek Middle. I appreciate that we have a wonderful staff that collaborates to create engaging lessons for our students. I'm also appreciative of how our administration provides support and professional development! More than anything I love the community it serves and how dedicated we are at providing the best opportunities for our students to succeed. "

-Cindy Meza
ELL Social Studies

Sara Webb (Testimonial)

"What I love most about HCMS is our students. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to learn, laugh, and make music with my band students each day. We have so much fun both in class and during our concert and pep band performances. Working with my band kiddos truly is the best part of my day. I'm blessed with the best at HCMS!"

-Sara Webb
Band teacher

Elena Jas Testimonial

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"I am excited to be at HCMS for its first school year opening. I'm happy to be part of the THUNDERCATS team in 7th grade and enjoy working with each teacher colleague. Its been awesome so far to collaborate with 7th science in creating engaging lessons for students. Administration has been extremely supportive through some touch moments. Plus, they have planned out, along with awesome literacy coaches, very engaging Literacy PD for teachers that have been very effective. It's a great school, with great teachers, administrators, and staff."

-Elena Jas
7th grade Science

Brandi Bethune Testimonial

"One thing I love about working at HCMS is the people. It sounds generic, but the staff here truly are amazing. They are supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. Their efforts to serve our students are genuine and heartfelt. We truly love our kids here, and we support each other in our endeavor to help our kids succeed. I couldn't make it through the year without their encouragement, support, and presence! I've made so many life-long friendship at HCMS. ❤️"